What Should I Wear?

Picking clothes for a photo shoot can sometimes be as nerve wracking as the photo shoot itself. Here are some tips to help you choose what to wear!

  • Solid colors are your best friend! Some patterned outfits like strips, polka-dots, flowers, etc. can come out a little less flattering in photos, plus it distracts from the main subject of the photo....YOU!

  • Natural, more muted tones always look great. Bright colors and patterns are wonderful as accessories like scarves, necklaces, ties (bow ties), bracelets, etc.

  • Choose clothes that are modest. Short shorts, mini skirts, plunging necklines, etc are not the best idea.

  • For group sessions like families or even couples, coordinate outfits but don't match. Go with the same color palette, but choose different pieces. Not everyone has to wear a black shirt & dark wash jeans, go more with a few colors that compliment each other & stand out!

  • Shoes do matter! Sometimes they can make or break the outfit! Wear comfortable but matching & stylish shoes. Heels are perfectly fine, feel free to bring another pair of slip on shoes to wear in between should the locations be in areas that are further to walk to or tougher terrain. Old, smelly sneakers don't look too great in photos! Boots, flats, heels, etc. are some perfect options! There will also be some shoots where no shoes are needed at all! You can show off your toes wiggling around in the grass or walking barefoot down an old county dirt road, whatever you choose!

  • Ladies; make-up is a wonderful thing! We all love to wear it & we love the way we can express ourselves with the way we use it! Do remember though that less is more! No need to go all out with bright eye shadow & tons of foundation & blush. The more subtle it is, the more your natural beauty will shine! Eyeliner is a great way to accentuate your eyes & make them appear a little bit bigger. Same with mascara!

Can I Bring Props?

  • Yes! Please bring props! I love incorporating props into photo shoots, as it gives more of a flare that is unique to you & shows your passions! It can be anything from a soccer ball, a saddle & bridle, flowers, musical instruments, to even a pumpkin or ornaments for seasonal sessions! You are also welcome to bring pets like dogs or horses to be a part of your photos, as long as they can be easily handled! Anything you feel that represents you, your personality, or the things you love, you are more than welcome to bring & make it a part of your special photos!

Do you Edit your Photos?

  • Every single photo is edited by me on Adobe Photoshop CC & Lightroom. Retouching of images is included in the price of photo sessions! I try to make every photo as natural as possible with some color correcting, exposure fixes, etc. Some photos I will put more artistic & dramatic twists on depending on the client & location. Blemishes are also removed, but I try very hard to make sure I leave the beautiful marks that make you...well you!

What are the Best Times for taking Pictures?

  • I like to schedule all of my photo sessions either early in the morning around sunrise, or late evening towards sunset. These are called the golden hours in photography, as they provide the best lighting! The pictures come out with a very soft light, not too many shadows, no harsh sunlight glaring in your eyes or causing exposure issues....plus who doesn't like an absolutely stunning sunrise or sunset as the backdrop in their photos?!

How Long Does it Take to Get my Photos?

  • It all depends on the photo session you choose!

    • Typically for a senior session, it takes between 3-6 days to edit & you will begin seeing preview photos uploaded to my Facebook page in that time period. Once all photos are finished you will be notified with a gallery on this website to view every image.

    • Other sessions like families, engagements, couples, etc. are generally the same time frame. Mini sessions will be a little shorter, more in the range of a couple days.

    • Horse shows can take considerably longer, depending on the amount of events & riders. A full day of events with around 30-40 riders will usually take about a week to two weeks to edit. Preview photos will be uploaded as I work through them, & then all will be uploaded into an entire gallery here or separated by rider names in albums on Facebook. Photos usually aren't for sale until all images are processed as I give certain deals depending on the amount of images bought.

    • Once photos are finished, they will be sent over through a link to a dropbox to protect full resolution.

What Forms of Payment do you Accept?

  • Currently I only accept cash or Paypal. Paypal information can be shared & discussed upon booking sessions.

    • I do not send out any Prints or Digital Files until full payment is received!

What Happens if I have to Cancel?

  • A 48 hour notice is required to cancel or reschedule.

    • Sometimes the weather can have a mind of it's own, & in the case of bad weather we can reschedule the day of.

  • Deposits are non-refundable no matter the circumstance.

Anything else?

  • Above all, I want every one of my clients to enjoy themselves & have fun during our sessions! Feel free to goof around, laugh, make fun of me (I'm used to it! I make fun of myself more than anything!), try new things, & do whatever makes you happy! Don't be afraid to let loose, the more relaxed you are the more genuine the photos are. My goal is being able to capture who you truly are & show that in the most beautiful & creative way I can!

  • If you have any questions at any time during a shoot, don't hesitate to ask! I love questions!

  • If you have any specific ideas in mind of some photos you would like, share them with me! If you've seen a photo on Pinterest that absolutely struck your fancy & you want to try & recreate it for yourself with a twist, bring it along with you & show me! I will do my best to accommodate everything you want & hope for out of our sessions! Remember, these photos are all about you!

Copyright Information

  • All photos are copyrighted to Ceara Rahne Photography. It is illegal & unlawful to copy, download, alter (edit) or reproduce any of my work without written consent including my signature.

  • If re-posting any of my work, I ask that you always give credit to my name and not crop out any of my signatures or watermarks. No matter if the photos were bought or not, they are still legally my property and credit given is a small way to show appreciation to me and my work.